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Continuous Liquid Interface Production

The creation of the assembly line by Henry Ford at his Highland Park plant in 1913, revolutionized the automobile industry and the concept of manufacturing worldwide.

Today the assembly line is the primary mode of manufacturing in industry. Automobiles, food, toys, furniture, and many more items pass down assembly lines worldwide before landing in our homes and on our tables.

While the average consumer does not think of this fact often, this 100-year-old innovation by a car manufacturer in Michigan changed the way we live and work forever.

Highlighted in HBO’s hit series Westworld, Continious Liquid Interface Production, or CLIP, is new additive printing process that uses an ultraviolet (UV) light projector under a light-sensitive resin pool to grow parts rather than printing them layer by layer.

The resins range from rigid and semi-rigid materials to high-temperature resistant resins and rubbery plastics that even meet the specifications for commercial running shoes.

All other 3D printing techniques are just 2D printing over and over again — resulting in multiple layers and weaker mechanical properties,

Like the assembly line, CLIP manufacturing has the potential to have a massive impact on both manufacturing and society.

The additive manufacturing market is expected to reach $30.19 Billion by 2022.