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About Us

‘I may have been early, but I’m not wrong.’ – Michael Burry

This statement by Christian Bale’s character  ‘The Big Short’ speaks to the heart of what should keep any savvy investor up at night – ‘did I just miss out on the next big thing?!’

Recognizing that pop culture often front runs society; TV, film, and all forms of social media are making it abundantly clear that a new frontier in healthcare is medical cannabis.

After years of following developments in the cannabis industry, a group of Denver-based investors realized that changing attitudes and laws in the space were actually subtle markers of the next industrial revolution.

By expanding our view to include businesses disrupting traditional forms of commerce, medicine, and technology; we designed a series of Motifs to index the most exciting developments of the 4th Industrial Revolution, namely:

Sharing Economy Platforms

Blockchain Services

Medical Cannabis

Industrial Hemp

CLIP Manufacturing

Li-Fi Networks

Quantum Computing